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Study uncovers genes that aid malarial resistance

U.S. researchers have identified 11 genes that malaria parasites use to defend themselves against standard treatments, a finding that could prolong the life of current drugs or help find better ones.Full story

WHO warns of antibiotic overuse

Misuse of antibiotics has undermined the global fight against infectious diseases like tuberculosis and malaria and could make the drugs ineffective, the World Health Organization warned Thursday. Full story

Factbox: Some facts on drug-resistant "superbugs"

Some of the world's most powerful medicines are losing the war against drug-resistant strains of HIV, gonorrhea, tuberculosis and other microbes, global health experts said on Thursday. Full story

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Drug resistance hampers fight against tuberculosis

New drug-resistant superbugs found in 3 states

Sharks incubators for drug-resistant bacteria

Bad malaria pills raise drug resistance fears

In South Africa, drug-resistant HIV emerging

Drug-resistant infections lurk in meat we eat

When drugs stop working, malaria fights back

Swine flu fears subside, but second wave looms

Free antibiotics may have high cost later

Study: Older drugs show promise in fighting TB


  How do you contain malaria?

The World Health Organization goes from village to village in Cambodia to screening people for drug resistant malaria. NBC's Ian Williams reports.