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  Mom of two loses 183 pounds

For some primary care, try your pharmacist

For many people, their local pharmacist may be as familiar as their doctor — and often a lot easier to get time with. Full story

Husband, wife lose 280 pounds

  Tammy and Joe Moore from Paducah, Ky., lost a combined 280 pounds in the past year to become the newest members of the Joy Fit Club.

Little screening of kids for obesity complications

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Only a minority of obese youths are screened for diabetes, liver problems and high cholesterol, electronic medical records from an Ohio healthcare system show. Full story

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Obama walks to improve his cholesterol

Confused about cholesterol? E-mail us

Should you customize your drugs to your DNA?

Heart patients’ bad habits thwart drug benefits

4 myths about blood pressure

Warning signs of fatty liver disease

Stroke risk often overlooked in women


  Study: Kids should be screened for cholesterol

Tens of thousands of kids may benefit from cholesterol-lowering medication, but a new study says many are falling through the screening cracks. NBC's Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.