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The U.S. pet economy didn't go to the dogs

NEW YORK (Reuters) - It is almost time for Alvin's massage. After a rubdown, he is off for a personal grooming session, to make sure he looks his best. Alvin is from Thailand originally but recently has been hanging out in California, and this weekend is jetting off to a hotel in New York City.Full story

Thieving three-legged pooch caught stealing

  A dog with three legs was caught by security cameras stealing dog food from a store.'s Dara Brown reports.

Jimmy Fallon’s puppy, Gary, casts her vote

  The late-night host’s adorable pooch picks her presidential candidate by choosing between two bowls of dog food.  TODAY's Natalie Morales has the latest on that and other trending stories, including the unveiling of Brad Pitt’s architecturally inspired furniture line and a glimpse of Tom Hanks’ brie

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Diamond Pet Foods recalls 2nd batch of dry dog food


  It's Pumpkin Season Charlie Brown!

Pumpkin beer, dog food, coffee, skin care and cologne--what's next? CNBC's Jane Wells reports.

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