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6 Children with Rare Disorders Helped by Gene Therapy

Two rare hereditary disorders, one of which kills children within the first few years of life, can be treated with gene therapy, new research from Italy suggests. Full story

Bluebird Bio shares rocket higher in trading debut

Shares of gene therapy developer Bluebird Bio Inc. surged in their trading debut. Full story

AIDS Epidemic: Is an End Possible?

NEW YORK CITY — More than 30 years after the discovery of the AIDS virus, experts are optimistic that a cure for the disease will be found, and that an end to the AIDS epidemic is possible. Full story

Pioneering gene therapy trials in UK may offer  hope for heart failure sufferers

   It's been years in coming, but today it looks like gene therapy really could save your life. Until now there's been no way to restore the heart's function once its failed. But now, a trial in London will see healthy DNA injected into patients' hearts to reinvigorate the dying cells. If it's successf

New gene therapy trials aim to mend broken hearts

LONDON (Reuters) - British scientists are stepping up clinical tests of gene therapy in a bid to help people with advanced heart failure pump blood more efficiently. Full story

Going Green: The Most Plantlike Animals

There's a species of sea slug, Elysia chlorotica, that only needs to eat when it is very young. Full story

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