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A long shot, but bid to keep shuttles flying alive

While NASA is already planning the particulars of how to retire its space shuttles — including announcing this week which museums will get to display them — a bid to continue flying the orbiters as a commercial service is still in the works, even if it is considered a long shot, has learneFull story

Space Plane Era Won't End With NASA's Shuttle Retirement

One of the most enduring images of human spaceflight – in science fiction and reality – is that of a winged spaceship built to soar through the cosmos and return to Earth like an airplane. Full story

And the shuttle goes to..

  NASA prepares to announce the museums that space shuttles Discovery, Endeavour and Atlantis will go to once the fleet is retired. NBC's Jay Gray reports.

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NASA to Reveal New Museum Homes for Retired Shuttles Tuesday

Space-Age Techs Propelling Innovation in Your Car

Virgin Galactic joins fray to fly NASA astronauts

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Launch Pad 39B
Launch Pad 39B

Crews are dismantling the rotating service structure at Launch Pad 39B at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, where space shuttles were once launched. The last shuttles will be launched exclusively from Launch Pad 39A. The 39B site will be transformed into a "clean pad" for future rockets.