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Older method of heart bypass better, study says

It seemed like a great idea — doing bypass surgery while the heart is still beating, sparing patients the complications that can come from going on a heart-lung machine. Full story

700 lb. couple has weight-loss surgery together

An Indiana couple who topped the scales at more than 700 pounds combined have undergone weight-loss surgery — on the same day. Full story

Heart bypass surgery

Learn about how this surgery works to get around clogged arteries. Full story

Study: Elderly fare well in open-heart surgeries

More elderly patients are getting open-heart surgery today, with remarkable survival rates rivaling those of much younger people, new studies show. Full story

Bypass may be better than stents long-term

For heart patients with clogged arteries, the choice between bypass surgery or an angioplasty may come down to one question: How many procedures would you like to have? Full story

The miracle weight loss that isn’t

New evidence of the health benefits of gastric-bypass surgery has doctors eager to recommend it. But some people say the risks are being greatly underplayed. Full story

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