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Is that JFK memo to the CIA about UFOs real?

A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the presideFull story

Britain releases UFO sighting and policy files

British UFO files trace sightings (and hoaxes)

New Zealand government opens UFO files

Siberian snow job: 'Dead alien' video is a hoax

There's a new UFO crash video making the rounds titled, "Dead Alien Found in UFO Hotspot in Russia," and it shows two Russian men finding what appears to be a dead extraterrestrial alien near a tree stump in a snowy field in Irkutsk, Siberia. Full story

Does secret FBI file expose UFO? Likely not

The UFO blogosphere has been burning up over the past few days with news about a recently discovered Top Secret FBI file proving that flying saucers and alien bodies were recovered in Roswell, N.M., in 1947. It could be the smoking gun — or proof that  journalists didn’t look at the document very cl Full story

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WikiLeaks chief: Expect UFO talk in future files

Mystery of green fireball 'UFOs' solved

Brilliant Venus may prompt 'UFO' sightings

SETI 2060, do we make contact by then?

Skeptic misses the point behind UFO book

UFO book based on questionable foundation

British X-Files describe secret UFO study

Best places to spot UFOs

Britain pulls the plug on its UFO hotline

Charges in balloon case not expected this week


  Is this a flying saucer? Video sparks UFO debate

Video shows an unidentified flying object whiz across the sky in England. Is it a UFO?'s Dara Brown speaks with author and UFO blogger Pat Regan about the mysterious footage.

  UFOs photographed over Texas?

Woman's infrared camera captures strange, hovering lights in the sky. KXAS's Omar Villafranca reports.

  Close encounters now on record

Author Leslie Kean explains why she wants a formal investigation into UFOs.

  Man claims UFO in Cleveland

Msnbc's Alex Witt talks to a man who claims that a UFO has been spotted in Cleveland for ten straight nights.

  Cleveland man claims UFO sighting

Eugene Erlikh shares a videotape that he claims is of an unidentified flying object outside his house with msnbc’s David Shuster.

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investigators inspect the 70-meter-wide (70-yard-wide) crop circle that appeared over the weekend in a rice field in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011. Thousands of curious onlookers are flocking to central Indonesia to look at the facture which looks like an intricately designed


epa02546456 A large circle and geometric pattern believed to be created by a UFO have been found in a rice field in Krasakan hamlet in Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia 24 January 2011. Indonesian Air Force chief Marshall Imam Sufaat on Monday instructed his staff to use a helicopter to take aerial ph


In her book "UFOs," Leslie Kean calls for more serious investigation of unsolved reports pertaining to unidentified flying objects.