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  Herb Kaplow, NBC veteran, dies at 86

What comments by Rand Paul’s aide tells us about GOP’s history

  Steve Kornacki looks at Rand Paul’s recent speech at Howard University and gives a history lesson on why most African-Americans tend to vote Democratic.

The power of a picture weighed against priority of privacy

  Yale University professor Laura Wexler, former Circuit Court Judge for the City of Baltimore Billy Murphy, The Nation’s John Nichols, and’s Michael Skolnik join Melissa Harris-Perry for a discussion on pictures, power, privacy, and policy.

Truman's role in military desegregation

  It’s been 65 years since President Truman desegregated the military. Rawn James Jr. turns back the historical clock with The Cycle hosts to remind us that the military has also been a place where people fought for equality.

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  I want to put this up tonight since it wasn’t just FB comments

Nearly five decades after they perished, President Obama signed legislation Friday to posthumously award the four girls killed in the Birmingham church bombing with the Congressional Gold Medal.

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