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High voter turnout for special election

Springfield residents are heading to the polls to vote on MGM's casino proposal. MGM not only needs to win but they're also pulling for a win by a large margin. There were people lined up early Tuesday morning waiting for the polls to open at seven o'clock. Full story

High voter turnout in Iranian election

   NBC’s Ali Arouzi reports from Tehran on the ongoing election in Iran and the high voter turnout levels this year.

LA voters show little interest in mayor’s race

   Los Angeles voters are choosing a new mayor today. Razor-tight … and bitter – this race could also make history. But voter turnout is expected to be very low. NBC's Miguel Almaguer reports.

Demographer casts doubt on historic black voter turnout finding

An AP analysis found that blacks voted at a higher rate than whites last fall, for the first time ever. But a demographer who helped conduct the AP's study wouldn't stand by that finding. Full story

New data reveals voter suppression may have backfired

   A new analysis of 2012 election data appears to show that African-American voter turnout was as high, perhaps higher, than ever before, defying all attempts to suppress minority votes.

Sprint to the Finish

   The "Your Money, Your Vote" team discusses when the polls will be closing around the country and the role of voter turnout in the Presidential election.

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  Florida Secretary of State predicts record voter turnout

Lines have been long all day at many polling places in Florida, the nation’s largest swing state. NBC’s Kerry Sanders and a NewsNation panel discusses.

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Falkland Islands vote to stay British
Falkland Islands vote to stay British

epa03619733 People gather to celebrate in Port Standley, Falkland Islands, 11 March 2013, after the results from the referendum on whether they want to continue under British sovereignty, were released. Nearly all of the residents of the Falkland Islands voting in a referendum chose to remain a Brit