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Moms pass on alzheimer's risk

People whose mother's have Alzheimer's disease had twice as much gray matter shrinkage in certain brain regions as people whose fathers had Alzheimer's and people without a family history of the disease, according to a new study. Full story

What is a complex migraine?

   Serene Branson, the reporter in Los Angeles who appeared to have suffered a stroke on-air, was actually in the midst of a complex migraine.  Dr. Nancy Snyderman, NBC News chief medical editor, explains this condition.

Across the world, parents pass on heart risks

Having a parent with a history of heart disease almost doubles a person's risk of also getting heart disease, no matter the person's ethnicity or home country, according to a new study. Full story

Craving for alcohol linked to obesity

People with a family history of alcoholism, especially women, have an elevated risk of also becoming obese, according to a new study. And the link between the two appears to be strengthening — the risk of becoming obese, for people with alcoholics in their family, is higher now than in the past, the Full story

No family link seen between Parkinson's, melanoma

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Research has suggested that families affected by melanoma skin cancer may also have a higher-than-average rate of Parkinson's disease -- but a large new study found no evidence of such a link. Full story

Family history a powerful, underused health tool

It may sound old-fashioned, but a Cleveland Clinic study comparing which method best uncovered an increased risk of cancer helps confirm the value of what's called a family health history. Full story

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