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  Parenting and sexual education

Sex Education Delays Teen Sex, Study Finds

Teens who receive formal sex education wait longer to have sex, a new study finds — and when they do get around to doing the deed, they're more likely than teens who haven't had sex ed to use contraception. Full story

Sex Education Less Effective in Conservative States

Sex education is failing to reduce adolescent birthrates in conservative states, according to a new study. Full story

Should sex education in schools be mandatory?

  Starting this January, New York City schools will take a leading role in teaching kids sex education. Some parents applaud the decision and others say it has no place in the classroom. TODAY’s Amy Robach reports.

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Many adults in the dark when it comes to sex ed

New sex ed funding ends decade of abstinence-only

CDC: One-third of sex ed omits birth control


  Morrison dishes on Paltrow's 'Glee' return

The actor divulges details about the star's return to "Glee." Instead of Spanish, she'll be teaching sex ed!

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