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Polk County creates bed bug task force

Polk County has created a task force to raise awareness and educate the public about bed bugs. Full story

Central Idaho residents battle bed bug infestation

An increasing number of central Idaho residents are requesting help getting rid of bed bug infestations, pest exterminators in the region say. Full story

Rutgers gets $100K grant for bedbug education

Rutgers University researchers have received a federal grant worth nearly $100,000 to help educate low-income residents about the dangers of bed bugs. Full story

UMSL gets grant for bed bug education

Researchers at the University of Missouri-St. Louis will get an $89,000 grant to help educate low-income minority and immigrant residents about the dangers of bed bugs. Full story

Keeping bed bugs at bay

   Bed bugs have infiltrated homes, hotels, and dorm rooms. What to do to keep the tiny terrors from biting? NBC's Suzanne Kianpour reports.

New York's bed bug problem spreading to London

Avoiding New York and boiling your suitcase might not be enough for Londoners to dodge the global bed bug pandemic - they're already here, probably in a hotel, house or cinema near you. Full story

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Why bedbugs are back: Gene study offers clue

Bedbug invasion is turning into big business

A real nightmare: Bed bugs biting all over U.S.


  Home overrun with bedbugs

Exterminators describe a home in Minneapolis, with a severe case of bed bug infestation, as the worst they've ever seen. KARE's Boyd Huppert has the story.

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Brian Hirch
Brian Hirch

Brian Hirch, Sales Manager for Protect A Bed, wears a bed bug hard hat as he displays literature during the first North American Bed Bug Summit, Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010, in Rosemont, Ill. The event's sponsor, BedBug Central, says the two-day summit will host 14 of the nation?s leading entomologist a

  Bed bugs: Sleeping with the enemy

Despite efforts to eradicate bed bugs, the tiny, sneaky critters continue their invasion of homes, hotels and business across the U.S.