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  Fox hires South Carolina's luv guv

Why New Jersey is unhappy with Chris Christie

  Teacher Marie Corfield and Former Gov. Richard Codey, D-N.J., talk about Gov. Chris Christie’s bullying politics in New Jersey.

Is Fox News' Ailes most powerful GOP member?

  The Daily Beast's Tina Brown joins Morning Joe to discuss Fox News head Roger Ailes and his impact on the GOP and why "crazy" and "hateful" never wins an election and why it's bad for business.

Nixon-era blueprint for Fox News

  Did Roger Ailes outline his vision for FOX News nearly 40 years ago? The Last Word examines the memo entitled "A Plan For Putting the GOP on TV News" with historian Rick Perlstein.

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  Inside the Ailes GOP machine

The Rolling Stone’s Tim Dickinson talks about his profile of Roger Ailes and what it says about the integrity of Fox News.

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