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Mass. sees spike in Hepatitis C virus infections

Health officials are warning that Massachusetts is facing an "epidemic" of Hepatitis C virus infections among adolescents and young adults, particularly among those who are injection drug users. Full story

Hepatitis C cases rising among Massachusetts youth

Hepatitis C infections are rising quickly among white youth in Massachusetts, fueled by increases in the use of heroin and other injection drugs, local and federal health researchers said Thursday. Full story

Faulty sterilizing likely caused Ala. infections

A failed sterilization process likely caused bacterial infections in 19 Alabama patients who received contaminated intravenous nourishment, a health official said on Thursday. Full story

Nurse may have stolen painkillers, infected patients

A nurse is suspected of inadvertently tainting intravenous painkillers at St. Cloud Hospital while seeking drugs, spreading bacterial infections to 23 patients since October, the hospital said on Wednesday. Full story

Curbing cholesterol may fight infections, says study

Lowering cholesterol levels could help the body's immune system fight infections, British scientists said on Tuesday. Full story

Latent TB treatment a greater risk to older adults

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Older adults treated for an inactive tuberculosis infection may be at increased risk of suffering liver damage from the medication, a study published Monday suggests. Full story

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  CDC urges pneumonia vaccine for swine flu

Sept. 30: The CDC issued new recommendations Wednesday, saying some people should be getting yet another vaccine to protect themselves from the risks of H1N1. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with infectious diseases expert Dr. Frank Esper about the risks from a secondary infection.