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  Four more primary elections today

Will Liebermann stop reform?

  Nov. 19: Former Connecticut Senate candidate Ned Lamont and Air America’s Ron Reagan discuss whether Sen. Joe Lieberman’s resistance to health reform will prevent the bill’s passage.

Lieberman's new political allegiance

  Nov. 2: Rachel Maddow is joined by Ned Lamont, the Democrat who ran against Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-CT, in 2006, to talk about the political base motivating Lieberman to obstruct health reform despite his Democratic roots.

Races to watch: Spotlight on Pa. primary

  Oct. 19: Ned Lamont, hailed by many Democrats as a hero for once defeating Sen. Joe Lieberman, has endorsed Congressman Joe Sestak in the Pennsylvania Democratic primary race against Sen. Arlen Specter. Both Sestak and Lamont join Hardball’s Chris Matthews.

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