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Do low vitamin D levels matter during pregnancy?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Many women have low blood levels of vitamin D early in pregnancy, but whether that's a problem for their developing babies is uncertain, researchers have found. Full story

Blacks' higher cerebral palsy risk, birth weight tied

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Black infants have a somewhat higher risk of cerebral palsy, according to a new study, and the increase appears to be tied to their greater likelihood of being born underweight. Full story

Frankel weighs in on new figure

   Bethenny Frankel talks about her dramatic post-baby weight loss, but did she diet while she was pregnant?

Send us a photo of your post-baby body

Did you work hard to shed your baby weight? Send us photos of yourself during your pregnancy and after you trimmed down — and tell us your weight-loss secret! Full story

Mom’s personality may play role in child’s

Arguments have been long and contentious over how much people inherit and how much they are influenced by their environments. Full story

Celebrity mamas fuel post-baby body blues

Celebrity moms who have a baby and then bounce back toned and taut on a magazine cover only months — or weeks — later are inspiring fury and depression among real new mothers. Full story

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  Lose baby weight like a star

Aug. 7: Us Weekly contributor Jill Martin discusses how celebrities shed the baby weight so quickly.

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