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Digital Life: $100 USB stick exposes porn habits

How much access do other people have to your computer? How much time do you spend alone with theirs? What if one of you had a little USB stick that could easily detect and expose any porn browsing and downloading habits?For $100, you could find out.Forbes reports that a clever  … Full story

How to Dispose of Computer Equipment Securely

Eventually, everyone replaces computer equipment. No matter how the equipment is disposed of – giving or selling it to another user, recycling parts, or sending it to the electronic junk yard – any device that holds data (hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, disks) needs to be given special considera Full story

USB Security Found Lax Both In and Out of the Workplace

A new survey reveals that nearly 10 percent of people who own a USB device containing corporate data have lost it, and more than 75 percent of them never reported it to their bosses. Full story

More charged as insider trading probe expands

Federal authorities expanded their crackdown on insider trading that masks itself as legitimate market research with two new arrests and the announcement of two guilty pleas. Full story

It's 2010, and storage tech is still in flux

Gizmodo: Hard drives, DVDs, USB sticks: This is where we store our digital lives. But while our data is timeless, our storage devices aren't. So, what's next? And then what? Full story

Military relaxes ban on computer flash drives

Nearly 15 months after the Defense Department banned the use of external computer flash drives, officials have agreed to allow limited use of the convenient high-tech storage devices. Full story

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Pentagon bans computer flash drives

Tiny flash drives improve their security

It's a small, small tech world

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An eMusicLive USB pen drive and live music kiosk are shown Tuesday, April 27, 2004 in New York. Now, minutes after your favorite band sounds its last note, you can load a live recording of the show onto a cigarette-lighter-sized hard-drive hanging off your keychain.

Vizio VL470M
Vizio VL470M

The 47-inch Vizio VL470M LCD performed well in our demanding motion benchmarks and panning tests, making it a great choice for watching the Super Bowl and other fast-action programming. It also earned high marks for its handling of color and skin tones. The VL470M has appealing extra features, too.

Canon hybrid camcorder and camera
Canon hybrid camcorder and camera

Canon's VIXIA HF S100 is a "hybrid" by being a full-fledged camcorder with a 32-gigabyte internal flash drive, as well as including an 8-megapixel camera. It retails for around $1,000.