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Man reportedly slips past security, boards flight

The Transportation Security Administration says it is trying to determine how a man slipped past authorities and boarded a flight with a stolen boarding pass at New York's Kennedy airport. Full story

Wheelchair-bound woman put on wrong flight

A family is furious after Delta Air Lines mistakenly put their wheelchair-bound grandmother on the wrong flight. Full story

No boarding pass? No problem: Ryanair fee reversed

A Spanish judge told Ryanair it can't charge customers a fee if they show up to the airport without a boarding pass. The ruling is a win for travlers, but fliers can expect more fees in 2011. Full story

New developments in do-it-yourself travel

The magnetic-stripe boarding pass is all but extinct — a big deal according to IATA spokesman Steve Lott. “Barcoded boarding passes opened up the door to a lot of other self-service options.” Full story

Airline prints fake bin Laden boarding pass

   Busted: British Airways was caught red-faced over an image of a boarding pass bearing Osama bin Laden’s name in one of the company’s employee publications.

Worth it? Extras to speed through airline security

Laptop bags that may not require removal of your computer. Luggage concierge services that enable you to check your bags before you arrive at the airport. PDAs to display your mobile boarding pass. Full story

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