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  CNBC Pro: Headlines to Investments

D.C. tour guides claim free speech infringement

If you want to be tour guide in the nation's capital, you must first pass a 100-question, multiple choice exam that tests their knowledge of the city's architecture and history. Full story

Western Canada, 9 nights, from $1,500

Explore Western Canada on this guided tour that stops in Banff, Jasper, Vancouver, and Whistler. Highlights include a night at a working cowboy ranch and wildlife viewing. Full story

Gregory tours new ‘MTP’ set

  David Gregory, moderator of “Meet the Press,” leads a guided tour of the program’s technologically-advanced new home.

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Morocco tour, 8 nights, from $1,100

8 nights in Costa Rica, from $699

Sydney luxury package from $1,399

Looking for vacation? Try Afghanistan

Poland tour, 6 nights, $1,024

Sydney, air/4 nights, from $875

New York City hotel packages, from $149

Israeli tour bus accident kills 26

Illinois banks on 'Obama buzz' to boost tourism

Use your cell phone to travel better


  iPad: The Guided Tour

NY Times Tech Columnist David Pogue shares his review of the highly-anticipated iPad, which arrives in stores April 3.

  NBC archives: A glimpse beyond the wall

1965: After taking a guided tour of work sites in East Berlin under Communist rule, NBC's Wells Hangen concludes that “without the wall, East Germany would be a country without hands.”

  To fight crime, city hires ex-cons

Nov. 8: In a unique response to rising street crime, the ancient Italian city of Naples is hiring former offenders to act as tour guides. NBC’s Keith Miller reports.

  Inside the Nintendo DSI

April 3: Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime gives CNBC a guided tour of the new Nintendo DSI, featuring two different cameras, game downloading and sound recording capability.

  Get inside 'Killzone 2'

It's all about retribution in the gritty first-person shooter "Killzone 2," and's Todd Kenreck gets a guided tour from Sony's Kyle Shubel.

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Lowell observatory
Lowell observatory

** ADVANCE FOR SUNDAY, FEB. 13 ** A guided tour of Lowell Observatory stops at the Pluto Discovery Telescope inside the Pluto Dome, Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2005, in Flagstaff, Ariz. It has been nearly 75 years since Clyde Tombaugh first spotted the tiny icy planet of Pluto, on Feb. 18, 1930, and since th

Five Germans and a Romanian woman who spent 10 days as hostages disembark from an Airplane
Five Germans and a Romanian woman who spent 10 days as hostages disembark from an Airplane

Five Germans and a Romanian woman who spent 10 days as hostages disembark from an Airplane upon arrival from Egypt at Berlin's Tegel Airport on September 30, 2008 together with and members of the Germany Army GSG9.They were part of a group of 19 hostages that also included five Italians, a Romanian