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  Report to clinch GOP’s support of DADT repeal?

Will the war in Afghanistan end successfully?

  Meet the Press moderator David Gregory gives a sneak peak at his interview with Gen. David Petraeus and the challenges facing him in Afghanistan.

After the data dump, damage control

  As analysts examine whether WikiLeak's massive leak of classified military information on the war in Afghanistan could hurt the war effort, President Obama said Tuesday that the data proves he was right to try to push a new strategy. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.

WikiLeaks documents could pose new threats

  The New York Tiimes’ Mark Mazzetti discusses how the WikiLeaks documents affect the war effort in Afghanistan.

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  Maddow: The nation is at war, not just the military

Rachel Maddow emphasizes the importance of civilian leadership demonstrating to the military as well as the country as a whole that the nation is united in the war effort in Afghanistan.

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