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Project aims to track big city carbon footprints

Every time Los Angeles exhales, odd-looking gadgets anchored in the mountains above the city trace the invisible puffs of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases that waft skyward.Full story

Would adults choose moms or dads to move in with?

  Authors and Today Show producers, Alicia Ybarbo and Mary Ann Zoellner, join Alex Witt in studio this Mother’s Day. They explain why adults would choose their moms over their dads to move in with them and talk about their book, "SH*TTY MOM: THE PARENTING GUIDE FOR THE REST OF US."

Verizon to invest $100 million in solar, fuel cell technology

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Verizon said on Tuesday it plans to invest $100 million in solar power and fuel cells at 19 facilities in seven U.S. states to cut its carbon footprint and make its operations more resilient to storms and other disasters. Full story

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The Costs and Benefits of Alternative-Fuel Vehicles

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