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Wanted LaGrange Man Found (VIDEO)

LAGRANGE, Ind. ( -- The Lagrange County Sheriff's Department found the man they were searching for Thursday afternoon.Full story

Brown-Eyed Guys Seem More Trustworthy, Study Suggests

Good news for all the brown-eyed guys out there: Men with chocolate-colored irises are judged as more trustworthy than blue-eyed dudes. Full story

Suspicion, Part 4

  The case against Chris Wright only gets stronger as detectives uncover more evidence. But Chris' wife, Bianca, believes he is innocent and says she can prove it.

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  Larry King: Taylor was a ‘gutsy’ ‘broad’

The retired TV talk-show host recalls the “larger than life” actress and legendary beauty with purple eyes, telling TODAY’s Matt Lauer “She was a broad. She was gutsy. She had it all.”

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