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Treat HIV patients sooner, health officials say

People infected with the virus that causes AIDS should start treatment earlier than currently recommended, the World Health Organization said on Monday. Full story

4 million on AIDS drugs, others still in need

About 4 million people are now getting AIDS drugs worldwide — a 10-fold jump in five years — but 5 million others are still in dire need of the medicine, U.N. health officials estimated in a report issued Wednesday. Full story

Clinton deal lowers HIV drug costs for poor

Agreements between former President Bill Clinton's foundation and two drug companies will lower prices on medications for patients with drug-resistant HIV in developing nations. Full story

South Africa to step up its AIDS fight

South Africa’s health minister on Tuesday promised a dramatic increase in treatment for AIDS victims to overcome the legacy of a decade of governmental denial of the epidemic. Full story

Math model: HIV can be eliminated in a decade

HIV could theoretically be eliminated in a decade if all people living in countries with high infection rates are regularly tested and treated, according to a new mathematical model. Full story

Study finds AIDS treatment should start sooner

People who have AIDS should start treatments sooner than current guidelines recommend, suggests a large study that could change the care of hundreds of thousands of Americans. Full story

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South Africa wages intensified war on AIDS

HIV patients may live as long without lab tests

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