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Confusing food labels can hide diet hazards

From flavored yogurts to  crackers, nutrition labels may be hiding large amounts of  salt, fat and sugar. By learning how to compare nutrition labels, you may protect your health. Full story

Are school lunches making your kids obese?

   David Zinczenko, author of “Eat This, Not That!,” dissects what your kids are eating in the school cafeteria.

Unhealthy health food

   Just because food is labeled "Organic", "Fat-Free" or "Whole Grain" doesn't guarantee it's the healthiest choice to eat. KXAS's Ellen Goldberg reports.

Diet S.O.S.: Staying committed to your diet

   TODAY’s diet and nutrition expert Joy Bauer answers viewers’ questions about their diet dilemmas, including tips for sticking to a diet plan and the pitfalls of being a chocoholic.

Diet food calorie claims put to the test

   Can you really believe fat and calorie numbers on food labels? NBC’s jeff Rossen investigates the truth behind “low-fat” and “low-calorie” meals.

FDA working to replace misleading food labels

The aisles of American supermarkets can be bewildering places these days. What food claims are the conscientious eater to trust and what foods should they pick to put on their table? Full story

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Blow your diet? Blame your brain

Is your diet making you fat?

Burger King eliminates trans fats

Small packages trick some into eating more

When it’s OK to eat full-fat foods


  Healthy fast food boom

"It's all about taste," says Stephen Sidwell, LYFE Kitchen retail founder and CEO, in discussing the healthy fast food boom; and David Freedman of The Atlantic, weighs in on the processed foods debate.

  McDonald's financial plan for minimum wage workers draws criticism

Tsedeye Gebreselassie, staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project, assesses the sample budget filled out by McDonald’s.