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Acer sees Q4 sales dip, lifts prices on Thai floods

Taiwan's Acer Inc expects fourth quarter sales to fall as much as 10 percent from the previous three months and will raise prices as flooding in Thailand disrupts supplies of hard disk drives for PCs. Full story

Thai floods threaten Asia PC makers holiday sales

Asia's PC makers, already grappling with the prospect of subdued year-end holiday season consumer demand, are faced with a likely further slowdown in the lunar new year sales season as Thailand's floods cut the supply of hard disk drives. Full story

Researchers Hide Data in Plain Sight on Hard Drive

A group of computer scientists has developed software that can hide sensitive data on a hard drive without encrypting it, an advancement that could provide security professionals with a valuable tool to thwart data breaches and keep important files safe. Full story

How to Survive a Hard Drive Crash or Laptop Theft

Few things in life can create as much frustration or panic as a dying hard drive. Just consider what's stored on the typical home computer -- tax and financial records, thousands of photos, that huge project for your child’s history class and other irreplaceable documents. Full story

How to Dispose of Computer Equipment Securely

Eventually, everyone replaces computer equipment. No matter how the equipment is disposed of – giving or selling it to another user, recycling parts, or sending it to the electronic junk yard – any device that holds data (hard drives, USB flash drives, CDs, disks) needs to be given special considera Full story

Testing a hard drive, with a shotgun

   Iosafe claims that their hard drives can survive abuse, such as shotgun blasts, underwater dunks, and crushing. At CES 2011 in Las Vegas, Wilson Rothman took a shot at the rugged drives to see how they performed.

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NASA Sells Hard Drives With Sensitive Government Info

A look inside WikiLeaks' server bunker

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