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Some heart surgery patients skip statin therapy

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Heart disease patients who undergo surgery may be less likely to stick with their cholesterol medication than those treated with drugs alone, a new study finds. Full story

Does that bump warrant a trip to the ER?

   Dr. Roshini Raj explains when an ailment or injury is worth an emergency room visit and when it’s best to break out the first aid kit at home.

Chad is world leader in chest pain

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A new survey of chest pain reports worldwide finds that the most afflicted country is the African nation of Chad, where 24 percent of the population has chest pain. Full story

Gene test aims for better heart disease detection

It's not a perfect test. Yet researchers report a key step for the first gene test aimed at reducing unnecessary angiograms — expensive and somewhat risky procedures that hundreds of thousands of Americans have each year to check for clogged arteries. Most of these exams, done in hospital cardiac ca Full story

‘Super X-ray’ rules out heart attacks faster

A new study suggests that a type of “super X-ray” can give a faster, cheaper way to tell whether a chest pain sufferer is really having a heart attack. Full story

Veterans given wrong drug doses due to glitch

Patients at Veterans Affairs health centers around the U.S. were given wrong doses of drugs and had treatments delayed due to software glitches in their electronic health records. Full story

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