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Eye remedy linked to lead poisoning, CDC warns

A 6-month-old boy was treated for lead poisoning due to the use of the cosmetic known as "tiro," which is used as a folk remedy for promoting visual development, according to a report of the boy's case released today. Full story

Lead Poisoning 'Epidemic' Keeps Condors From Bouncing Back

Despite three decades of conservation efforts, the endangered California condor is still on the brink of extinction, new research finds. Full story

U.S. lowers cutoff for lead poisoning in kids

For the first time in 20 years, U.S. health officials have lowered the threshold for lead poisoning in young children. Full story

Cuts to lead poisoning prevention program

   The programs that provided grants to state and local health departments must now be funded on a state level instead of by the Centers for Disease Control. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Lead poisoning in samurai kids linked to mom's makeup

Lead poisoning isn't just a problem for post-industrial city kids - the children of samurai suffered from it too, a new study suggests. An analysis of bones of children who lived as many as 400 years ago showed sky-high lead levels, which scientists now think came from their mothers' makeup. Full story

Nigeria lead poisoning crisis ‘unprecedented’

Doctors are struggling to save children stricken by lead poisoning  after poor herdsmen began illegally mining gold in an area of northern Nigeria with high concentrations of lead. Full story

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