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Washington lawmakers edge closer to final deal

Washington lawmakers edged closer to a final budget deal Friday, aided by an agreement on fixing the state's estate tax, the prospect of an unexpected revenue boost and fresh signs of compromise.Full story

Washington House OKs change to state estate tax

The Washington state House on Thursday narrowly approved a measure making changes to the state's estate tax for married couples in an effort to avoid refunding millions of dollars to estates following a state Supreme Court ruling. Full story

Just Dying to Avoid the Cliff

  Are people more likely to pull the plug on rich relatives to avoid higher estate taxes? CNBC's John Carney explains.

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Future of state estate taxes hangs on U.S. "fiscal cliff"


  Estate Taxes Over the 'Fiscal Cliff'

Will going over the "fiscal cliff" trigger a huge hike in estate taxes? CNBC's Robert Frank breaks down the numbers. CNBC contributor Jared Bernstein and Dan Mitchell, Cato Institute, debate whether the estate tax should be abolished.

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