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Deep water dead zone predicted in the gulf

The oil gusher on the Gulf seabed may be stopped, but much of the spilled oil still lurks in a plume of oil and dissolved methane gas 3,200-4,300 feet below the surface. Full story

Asteroid found in gravitational dead zone

Astronomers have discovered a new asteroid in a region of Neptune's orbit where no previous object was known to exist — a so-called gravitational "dead zone." Full story

Scientists think Gulf can recover

In a survey of Gulf of Mexico researchers by The Associated Press, at least 10 of them separately volunteered the same word to describe the oil-stained body of water: "resilient." Full story

Gulf 'dead zone' probably the largest on record

This year's low-oxygen "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico is probably the largest on record and overlaps areas hit by oil from BP's well disaster, scientists report. Full story

Sea turtles threatened by spill

   Endangered sea turtles are facing serious risk from the BP oil spill while a "gigantic dead zone" spreads in the Gulf. Msnbc's Jeff Corwin reports.

Concerns grow about water contamination

   Donald van Nieuwenhuise of the University of Houston talks about the scientific discoveries and new worries about a giant dead zone from the BP oil spill.

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Gulf wildlife ‘dead zone’ keeps growing


  Oil plumes spark fears of dead zones

Science journalist Mark Schrope talks with Rachel Maddow about his trip on a research vessel into oily Gulf waters to to study the huge plumes of oil below the water's surface.

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