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Test may screen donated blood for fatal disease

A new blood test can diagnose cases of variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, a rare, fatal brain disease caused by proteins known as prions, according to U.K. researchers. Prions also cause mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE). Full story

Not enough data on anemia drugs, transplants: panel

There is not enough data to prove widely used anemia drugs made by Amgen Inc and Johnson & Johnson improve outcomes for kidney patients who undergo organ transplantation, a U.S. Medicare advisory panel said on Wednesday. Full story

Drug tests encourage unneeded transfusions: study

Some doctors are ordering unnecessary and potentially risky blood transfusions for cancer patients in order to make them eligible for research studies, researchers said on Wednesday. Full story

Less blood is really more, transfusion critics say

Long dominated by Jehovah’s Witnesses — whose faith forbids blood transfusions — blood conservation programs are attracting mainstream patients worried about the potential health hazards of donated blood. Full story

Will Palin’s book reignite campaign clashes?

   Nov. 15: Amid a growing backdrop of buzz and speculation, NBC’s Mike Viqueira takes an early look at the former GOP vice presidential candidate’s soon-to-be released memoir.

Tiger cub dies after rare blood transfusion

A 7-month-old wild tiger died Tuesday in a central Indian zoo, two days after veterinarians tried to save the cub with a rare blood transfusion, officials said. Full story

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Tiger cub receives rare blood transfusion

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