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Finding E.T. May Become Harder If Aliens Go Digital

Scientists may have an extra challenge when it comes to detecting alien civilizations: a time limit. Full story

Reception problems linger after DTV transition

The shutdown of U.S. analog TV service on Friday appears to have gone relatively smoothly, but as expected, a lot of viewers are having problems getting the stations they want. Full story

800,000 called digital TV hotline this week

Nearly 800,000 calls were received by a federal hot line this week from people confused about the nationwide move on Friday to drop analog TV signals and broadcast only in digital. Full story

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Digital TV launch leaves some stranded

Friday is final curtain for analog TV signals

Analog TV signals to be interrupted in ‘soft test’

Hundreds of TV stations cut analog signals

Industry: DTV converter boxes could run out

House defeats bill to delay digital TV transition

Analog TV shutdown delay poses problems

Regulators to eye Hawaii's analog TV shutoff

FCC plans to go through with DTV test in N.C.

Small TV stations lose appeal

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Bill Bigin, center, looks over at his wife Kitty, left, as Steven Langan, vice president of the Antenna King, right, flips through their channels to see which stations are still broadcasting in analog at their apartment in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Friday June 12, 2009. Langan will have to i

Analog Televisions Get Phased Out As US Prepares For Digital TV Conversion
Analog Televisions Get Phased Out As US Prepares For Digital TV Conversion

POMPANO BEACH, FL - JUNE 05: Jim Salem carries a discarded analog television set to a bin at the Broward County Waste & Recycling Services Solid Waste center on June 5, 2009 in Pompano Beach, Florida. As America switches to a digital signal on June 12th many are throwing out their old television se