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  Freshly altered DNA creates modified breed of oranges

Orange grove gangs are product of Spanish crisis

CHESTE, Spain (Reuters) - Ricardo Boix, a Spanish farmer who lives off his small fruit groves in Valencia's hilly back country, thought the theft of nearly $6,000 worth of his oranges was bad enough. Full story

Incurable disease killing citrus

  It’s called “citrus greening” for its green misshapen fruit  --  the incurable disease caused by a tiny insect has now destroyed millions of citrus plants--hurting farmers and driving up prices for consumers. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

Citrus greening is a global threat’

  Adam Putnam, Agriculture Commissioner in Florida and Billy Teal, a citrus production manager, on how citrus greening is hurting farmers, the citrus industry and consumers.

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Incurable Disease Threatens US Citrus Crop

Freeze warning in effect for parts of Florida's citrus belt


  Say goodbye to stress in minutes

We all have to deal with stress, whether it’s in the workplace or at home. Since April is National Stress Awareness Month, Alicia Menendez of The Huffington Post shares some simple tips that will have you feeling more relaxed in minutes.

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Citrus placecards via
Citrus placecards via

Citrus placecards via

Citrus Greening Diseases Threatens Florida's Orange Industry
Citrus Greening Diseases Threatens Florida's Orange Industry

FORT PIERCE, FL - MAY 13: Tangerines are seen in a bin as the citrus industry tries to find a cure for the disease "citrus greening" that is caused by the Asian citrus psyllid, an insect, that carries the bacterium, "citrus greening" or huanglongbing, from tree to tree on May 13, 2013 in Fort Pierc