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Thai king recovering after spinal tap procedure

Thailand's 83-year-old King Bhumibol Adulyadej is recovering from a medical procedure to relieve a condition that made him walk unsteadily. Full story

Getting your pre-baby body back

   As part of our Life Changers series, TODAY looks at Fatma Rice’s journey to get her fit and slim figure back and Dr. Loren Schechter talks about her medical procedure.

Candy claims to be superfood

   Nov. 10: Dr. Nancy Snyderman gives her take on dried fruit candy, penile tissue transplants and cyberchondria in “The Spin Doctor.”

Faith healing parents convicted

   Oct. 12: The parents of an 11-year-old Wisconsin girl who prayed, rather than seek medical help for their ailing daughter, were sentenced to six months in jail for her death. Dr. Nancy Snyderman talks with a panel of experts about the role faith plays in medicine.

Oklahoma threatens women with shame, public exposure

   Oct. 8: Next month, a new law in Oklahoma requires doctors to obtain detailed, personal information from any woman who gets an abortion for the purposes of posting that information on the Internet. Rachel Maddow talks about this new intrusive law with Air America’s Megan Carpentier.

Elizabeth Taylor to undergo heart surgery

   Oct. 6: Elizabeth Taylor told her friends and Twitter followers Tuesday that she's having a medical procedure to repair a leaky heart valve, but that she expects a fast and full recovery. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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The hottest new travel trends


  Transplant doctor: ‘We can perform thousands more’

Aug. 4: Georgetown University Hospital's Dr. Keith Melancon explains how a new medical procedure helps more people receive kidney transplants.

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