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Assisted suicide network members indicted

A Georgia grand jury has indicted four members of an assisted suicide group on charges they helped a 58-year-old with cancer kill himself. Full story

Court: State law allows doctor-assisted suicide

The Montana Supreme Court says nothing in state law prevents patients from seeking physician-assisted suicide, paving the way for the procedure. Full story

Aussie quadriplegic man granted right to die

Christian Rossiter has proven his legal right to die and declared himself a champion of other quadriplegics who no longer find life worth living. Full story

No ‘death panel’ in health care bill

Critics who say the health care overhaul bill would set up a "death panel” are wrong. Full story

Time to go, Grampa

Political analyst Pat Buchanan:  If government intends to "bend the curve" of rising health care costs, and half of those costs are incurred in the last six months of life, and physician-counselors will be sent to the seriously ill to advise them of what costs will no longer be covered, and what the Full story

First death under new Washington suicide law

A 66-year-old woman who had stage 4 pancreatic cancer is the first person to die under Washington state’s new assisted suicide law. Full story

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Suicide group's manual urges celebrations

Maxine's final exit: Facing a mother's suicide

Ring exposes rift in ‘right-to-die’ movement

Washington state to allow ‘dignity’ deaths

Assisted suicide case revives right-to-die debate

4 assisted suicide group members are arrested

4 charged after assisted suicide sting operation

TV station defends showing man's suicide

Australian gets jail time for euthanizing lover

Obama election signals change in stem cell fight

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Maxine Poris
Maxine Poris

** ADVANCE FOR MONDAY, MARCH 30 **This undated photo provided by her family shows Maxine Poris playing with her dog. Poris joined the Georgia-based Final Exit Network for help to commit suicide. She suffered from a range of afflictions, from an enlarged heart to fibromyalgia, and ended her life in F