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  What Happened to the Beauty Queen, Part 1

What Happened to the Beauty Queen, Part 2

  The investigation focuses on Nona’s boyfriend, who agrees to answer questions from police. Then the questions turn pointed.

What Happened to the Beauty Queen, Part 6

  A third trial, a new jury. Will it bring resolution to the case?

Preview: 'A Gathering Storm'

  A love triangle involving a beauty queen, a devoted wife and a guitar hero leads to murder, and an investigation that stretches across the country and takes years to unfold. Josh Mankiewicz reports A Gathering Storm on Friday, February 15th, at 8pm/7c.

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  From pageants to politics

More beauty queens are turning their sights to political office. Marie Claire’s Lea Goldman discusses.

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Flores Gamez
Flores Gamez

epa03487560 An undated handout picture provided by Noroeste on 26 November 2012 shows Sinaloa beauty queen Susana Flores Gamez taking part in a beauty contest in Sinaloa, Mexico. Flores, who took part in the contest Our Beauty Sinaloa 2012, died during a shooting between the Mexican Army and a group