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  'Star Wars: The Old Republic" trooper trailer

'Star Wars: The Old Republic' fate trailer

  Get hints at the story and see new gameplay in this trailer for the massively multiplayer online game "Star Wars: The Old Republic." Play as a jedi, sith, bounty hunter, and whole lot more thousands of years before the Star Wars movies.

The Joker needs some new minions

  "D.C. Universe online" is a new massively multiplayer online game where you can make your own hero or villains and fight alongside your favorite character.'s Todd Kenreck reports.

Is the future of PC gaming massive and online?

This week, exceedingly popular computer game "World of Warcraft" undergoes a cataclysm, reshaping not just the game's landscape but how you play in the game. But "WoWs" reboot is nothing compared to the turmoil the entire genre is undergoing. Full story

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‘Star Trek Online’ beaming gamers to bridge

'Champions' to unleash virtual heroes and foes

'Star Wars' online game is 4-millennium rewind

'Warhammer Online' delivers the goods

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Sony seeks to reinvent online gaming


  Sith or Jedi, it’s your choice

“Star Wars: The Old Republic” is a new massively multiplayer online game that lets you play Bounty Hunters, Jedi, Sith, Smugglers, Soldiers and more.

  Trailer: 'Star Wars: The Old Republic'

The Sith have returned in the new massively multiplayer online game.  Play as a bounty hunter, Jedi, Sith, or trooper in "Star Wars: The Old Republic".

  The Jedi and Sith go to war

Sith, Jedi, and bounty hunters are a few of the characters you can play in the new massively multiplayer online game "Star Wars: The Old Republic".'s game reporter Todd Kenreck reports.

  'Star Trek Online' Interview

"Star Trek" goes on online in the new massively multiplayer online game by Cryptic Studios. Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich talks with reporter Todd Kenreck about the video game.

  ‘Champions’ goes online

"Champions Online" is the latest MMO from Cryptic Studios, creators of the "City of Heroes", and "City of Villains" games.'s Todd Kenreck spoke to Cryptic Studios community relations manager Victor Wachter about the cel-shaded video game.

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World of Warcraft video game
World of Warcraft video game

Future studies may include more massively multiplayer online games, where players can customize their character appearances. The video game census only included one of the most popular MMOs, World of Warcraft . Credit: Blizzard Entertainment