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  Fish oil linked to prostate cancer

Study: Fish oil won’t lower cardiovascular risks

  The Journal of the American Medical Association is out with a new study that found fish oil supplements do not lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Lori Mosca from New York Presbyterian Hospital says diet and exercise are a better way to fight heart conditions.

Are fish oil benefits overstated?

  A study concluded fish oil supplements do neither harm nor good, but it also showed that people taking fish oil supplements suffered nine percent fewer heart deaths and 11 percent fewer heart attacks. NBC’s Robert Bazell reports.

Fish oil linked to brain health

  A UCLA study published in the journal ‘Neurology’ found a diet lacking in omega-3 fatty acids may cause the brain to age faster, putting a person at risk for memory loss and dementia. NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman reports.

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Fish oil in pregnancy may ward off babies' colds

Fish oil builds muscle mass in cancer patients

Healthy and pregnant? Forget the extra fish oil


  Fish oil in pregnancy may thwart babies’ colds

Babies have fewer colds that do not last as long when their mothers take fish oil supplements while pregnant, a new study finds. NBC’s Erika Edwards reports.

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