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5 ways to make the most of your vacation

Here are five refreshingly simple ways to make the most of your trip — easy tips for pulling off a more enjoyable, less stressful vacation. Full story

Oakley Capital buys into Time Out for online growth

Investment firm Oakley Capital has bought a 50 percent stake in magazine and travel guide publisher Time Out, attracted by the potential to exploit its strong brand online. Full story

Review: Paper wins over e-books for travel guide

It sounded like a better, lighter way to pack for a trip to Germany: a Kindle with a Lonely Planet travel guide in lieu of an 844-page brick of a book.  Yet to one person's surprise, the 10-day visit to Munich, Dresden and Berlin turned into a lesson about the pitfalls of cramming an old medium — th Full story

iPhone's mTrip app uses augmented reality

The new iPhone application mTrip is a travel guide and then some: It uses the latest in smart phone technology to make it easier to stay on track in a foreign locale. Full story

Travel by touch screen takes off

Still carrying a space-hogging, scale-tipping printed travel guidebooks? If so, relief may be near — from some of the same folks who convinced us to lug those paper-based guides in the first place. Full story

Guidebooks adapt to mobile download era

Even as more guidebook publishers and travel Web sites make information available online, publishers say they expect sales of guidebooks — the paper-and-ink kind — to remain strong. Full story

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Be brave, toss the guide book

Top 10 spring break destinations

Travel etiquette in the most-visited countries

Top 10 guy getaways

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Travel Cybertrips Augmented Reality
Travel Cybertrips Augmented Reality

This product image provided by mTrip Travel Guides shows the mTrip Travel Guide application. The new iPhone application, mTrip, is a travel guide and then some: It uses the latest in smartphone technology to make it easier to stay on track in a foreign locale. NO SALES


Actress Melina Kanakaredes arrives on the red carpet for the premiere of the film "My Life in Ruins" at the Zanuck Theater in Los Angeles on May 29, 2009. Nia Vardalos who was the star in the film "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" works as a travel guide in the new comedy, and leads a rag-tag group of to


** Go with Text slugged China Wal-Mart Grows by WILLIAM FOREMAN ** A local butcher takes a nap at a local market near Wal Mart supermarket in Loudi, Hunan Province, China Friday June 20, 2008. They're Chinese cities so far in the boonies that Lonely Planet doesn't even bother to mention them in i