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Gap widening between poorest countries and others

The wealth gap between the least developed and other countries has widened in recent decades and will go on doing so unless their basic weaknesses are tackled, a report for the United Nations said on Tuesday. Full story

Will the American rich get richer?

   Amongst the many economic issues that have dominated 2010, one of the most stunning is the income gap between rich and poor Americans. Is this growing inequality a disaster for democracy or a natural outgrowth of the market economy?

Wealthy class benefits from being in charge

   Jacob Hacker, Yale professor and co-author of Winner-Take-All Politics, talks with Chris Hayes about the ineffectiveness of tax cuts for stimulating job growth while it succeeds at growing the income gap.

Commentary: The politics of income inequality

Commentary: Americans think the U.S. has far more income equality than it has. They want it to be even fairer. Yet they hate the policies that would make it so. Full story

China's wealth gap strains social fabric

China’s economic boom has boosted incomes for urban residents, but rural households have largely been left behind.  That wealth gap poses a China-sized problem for the country's leaders. Full story

Poverty increases in America

   Rev. Jesse Jackson discusses a new census report showing that the income gap in America is wide than ever.

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Another victim of the recession: marriages


  Wealth Gap Crisis

Why a wealth gap is threatening African-American families, with Robert Johnson, RLJ Companies.

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