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Saved by smartphones? Sites stay up despite spike

News of Osama bin Laden's death caused traffic to increase at popular U.S. news sites. Yet outages and slowdowns were less severe than during major news events in the past, meaning fewer people were stuck staring at error messages. Full story

Facebook looks to strengthen media partnership

Facebook's chief operating officer says her fast-growing company is looking to strengthen its relationship with the news media. Sheryl Sandberg told the American Society of News Editors on Thursday that the social network helped boost online traffic to media websites fourfold in the past year. Full story

U.S. appeals court says Web traffic suits premature

A U.S. federal appeals court threw out challenges to controversial Internet traffic rules adopted in December, saying the complaints were filed too early. Full story

Firewalls May Weaken Websites Against Attacks

Firewalls protecting Web servers may actually make distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks worse, a new report argues. Full story

Panel votes to repeal new Internet rules

A Republican-controlled Congressional panel has voted to repeal new Federal Communications Commission rules that prohibit phone and cable companies from interfering with Internet traffic on their broadband networks. Full story

Analysis: After years of buying, Cisco may need to sell

For years, the question at Cisco Systems Inc <CSCO.O> was what to buy next, expanding from routers and switches into consumer electronics in an effort to keep its revenue rising by double digits. Full story

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Lawmakers seek to overturn FCC Internet rules

Network-gear makers fall on F5 Networks weak outlook

Divided FCC adopts rules to protect Web traffic

Approval of Internet traffic rules likely: analysts

Stealth Malware Steals and Imitates Social Behavior

China telecom briefly hijacked U.S. Web traffic: panel

FCC abandons efforts at 'net neutrality' compromise

Attacking the edges of secure Internet traffic


  Feb. 2: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

Mubarak cracks down in Cairo; On the frontlines in Cairo; White House toughens stance; Cairo's fury reflected in neighboring cities; Yemen's president won't seek re-election; Whiteout brings Windy City to its knees; Powerful cyclone strikes Australia; Husband tweets 'huge day' for Giffords; Back onl