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  Search for Jimmy Hoffa is over, for now

Feds call off Hoffa search in Michigan field

  The FBI was unable to uncover any evidence that former Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa had been buried in a Detroit field after having received a tip from a former Mafia boss that had led them to that site. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

Latest search for Jimmy Hoffa's body ends with no remains found

OAKLAND TOWNSHIP, Michigan (Reuters) - The latest search for the remains of former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa ended on Wednesday in a field near Detroit, where federal agents had dug with heavy equipment and shovels for three days in the hope of answering the decades old question, "Whatever happened Full story

NBC News Update: June 19th, 2013

  The latest search for Jimmy Hoffa is called off, Afghan peace talks may be derailed before they even begin and Starbucks is posting calorie counts at its stores.

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  Cadaver dog reacts to scent in Jimmy Hoffa search

Investigators are continuing to meticulously sift through a Detroit-area field where an informant alleges Jimmy Hoffa’s body is buried after the FBI reports a cadaver dog reacted to something on the site though they can’t “call it conclusive.” NBC’s Katy Tur report.

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Law enforcement officials from the Michigan State Police help search the area in Oakland Township, Mich., Tuesday, June 18, 2013 where officials continue the search for the remains of Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa who disappeared from a Detroit-area restaurant in 1975.

FILE PHOTO: Police Investigate Jimmy Hoffa Lead
FILE PHOTO: Police Investigate Jimmy Hoffa Lead

FILE - 27 SEPTEMBER 2012: Police are reportedly investigating a body under the driveway of a home in Roseville, Michigan, suspected to be the long missing Jimmy Hoffa, former head of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who disappeared in 1975. Similar claims have prompt various theories and f

Jimmy Hoffa
Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa in an undated photo