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  Summer health hazards: Poison ivy, bugs, more

Weird Way Lyme Disease Bugs Avoid Immune System

The bacterium that causes Lyme Disease substitutes manganese for iron in its diet, a new study finds. The pathogen is the first known organism to live without iron.   Full story

Missing foxes fuel spread of Lyme disease

As coyotes take over their ranges in North America, red fox populations are plummeting, and researchers have found one surprising result: The drop is fueling the spread of Lyme disease. Full story

Long season for ticks ahead?

  Experts predict that unseasonably warm weather in the Northeast may trigger a rise in Lyme disease. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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Iceman may have suffered from Lyme disease

Bug off! What bites to worry about

Under-the-radar tick diseases spreading across U.S.

Clue to chronic fatigue, chronic Lyme identified

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