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Genomic Fossils Reveal the Expansion of Ancient Life

Life has existed on Earth for roughly 3.5 billion years, but there is very little fossil record left for most of that time. However, two researchers have used modern genomes to look back in time and reconstruct the evolution of ancient cells. Full story

Rare dinosaur fossils found in Texas

   Nov. 3: Scientists work to unearth dinosaur bones before construction starts on a Texas neighborhood. KXAS' Kristi Nelson reports.

Scientist: Dinos trampled after death by own kind

A vast collection of broken dinosaur bones unearthed in southeast Utah indicates they were smashed underfoot by other dinosaurs shortly after they died, according to paleontologists. Full story

Bones hint at dinosaur stomping ground

Paleontologists say analysis of a vast collection of broken dinosaur bones unearthed in southeast Utah indicates they were trampled by other dinosaurs shortly after they died. Full story

Making a monkey out of Darwin

Political analyst Pat Buchanan: "You have no notion of the intrigue that goes on in this blessed world of science," wrote Thomas Huxley. "Science is, I fear, no purer than any other region of human activity; though it should be." As "Darwin's bulldog," Huxley would himself engage in intrigue, deceit Full story

Dinosaur graveyard suggests feeding frenzy

Fossilized remains of a feeding frenzy show how a raptor-like dinosaur snacked on baby plant-eating dinosaurs some 73 million years ago in northwestern Alberta. Full story

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Dino-mite: Quarry gets explosive treatment

Plants and animals crowd the equator

Rare fossil octopuses found

Unearthed bones reveal dinosaur dinner party

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Brooks Britt with bones
Brooks Britt with bones

Brigham Young University Professor Brooks Britt holds fragments of dinosaur bones while a skeleton of Torvosaurus tanneri looms in the background.