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Rep. John Barrow Makes Plea For Compromise on Eve of Sequester

Rep. John Barrow spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives.  The Congressman mentioned Fort Gordon as "the central nervous system of our national defense".  Barrow called for compromise on budget cuts as sequestration is scheduled to go into effect Friday March 1.Full story

Your allergies might protect against brain cancer

Finally, allergies may have an upside. People who are prone to the sniffles and sneezes they bring on could have a reduced risk of developing brain cancer, according to a new study. Full story

Build a better wireless network -- with fruit flies

A new computer technology based on the nervous system of fruit flies could lead to more efficient wireless networks.  Taking the lead from this insect system, scientists have developed an algorithm that could be used to improve the communication between swarms of robots and other wireless networks. Full story

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