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Traditions foil fire exit at Jerusalem church

Thousands of Christian believers will fill the medieval chambers of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem on Saturday for a ritual known as the Holy Fire, packed shoulder to shoulder and holding burning candles as pilgrims have done for centuries. And, as in centuries past, the church will sFull story

Choosing a plane seat not just about legroom

Choosing a seat on an airplane isn't just about legroom anymore. New "selection" fees and extra charges to sit in certain locations in the aircraft have complicated the process. Full story

Survivors dub plane crash ‘El Milagro’

  As NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports, remarkably, all but one of the 125 passengers and six crew members survived the crash landing of a Boeing jet in San Andres, Columbia.

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  Video shows flight attendant's jump

New video, from WNBC in New York, shows the Jet Blue flight attendent sliding down an emergency exit chute. Msnbc's Alex Witt reports.

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