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Tapeworm genome points way to better drug treatments

LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists have for the first time mapped the genomes of tapeworms, shedding light on the evolution of one of humankind's oldest parasites and revealing new possibilities for drug treatments.Full story

Buzz: Kanye Leads BET Nods

  'Situation' On Drug Treatment; Camille 'Housewives' Return

Cholesterol-Lowering Debate

  Discussing the results of a study that questions cholesterol-lowering drug treatments and the impact it could have on patients and pharmaceutical companies, with CNBC's Bertha Coombs; William Boden, University At Buffalo professor of medicine and autho...

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  New drug shows promise for Hepatitis C

Adding the new drug Boceprevir to the current two-drug treatment for Hepatitis C appears to boost patients more than standard therapy. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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