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Synthetic drug use spikes at alarming rate

Synthetic substances that mimic marijuana, cocaine and other illegal drugs are making users across the nation seriously ill, causing seizures and hallucinations and even killing some people.Full story

Overdoses in US show gray area around party drugs

After nearly a dozen teenagers overdosed and one died from taking a hallucinogen at a house party, investigators determined the substance was a version of a banned rave-party drug that can be purchased online. Full story

Scientist haunted by misuse of drugs he invented

David Nichols studies the way psychedelic drugs act in the brains of rats. But he is haunted by how humans hijack his work to make street drugs, sometimes causing overdose deaths. Full story

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More teens smoking pot than cigarettes

Drug use higher than in nearly a decade, report says

Teen pot, alcohol use on the rise, study shows

Toxic mix of pills, alcohol fuels spike in deaths


  'Magic mushrooms' may ease cancer’s anxiety

The hallucinogen psilocybin could help terminal cancer patients deal with distress and pain. Dr. Nancy Snyderman discuss the new study.

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