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Why you should take the bus on your next trip

With a reputation for being slow, unclean and uncomfortable, public buses are often overlooked by most travelers. But if you haven't taken an inter-city bus in a while, you might be surprised by how they've changed. Full story

Authorities: Synagogue blast suspect seen in Colo.

A suspect in the explosion outside a Santa Monica synagogue has left Southern California and was last seen getting off a Greyhound bus in Denver, authorities said Monday. Full story

Police identify man suspected of hijacking Greyhound bus

Authorities said on Friday that they identified a 32-year-old Virginia man suspected of hijacking a Greyhound bus Thursday night brandishing a handgun. Full story

'Abandoned' bus passengers may roll out lawsuits

Greyhound bus passengers stranded for 14 hours by snow-closed roads in Canada say they won't close the door on lawsuit possibilities after they say drivers abandoned them. Full story

Greyhound bus slams into logging truck

A New York-bound Greyhound bus rear-ended a logging truck Tuesday evening on Interstate 95 near St. George, S.C., pinning the driver and injuring at least 18 others. Full story

California Greyhound bus crash kills 6

   Six people were killed and nine others seriously injured Thursday when a Greyhound bus headed to Sacramento from Los Angeles hit an SUV that had flipped over in front of it. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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Dee Johnson speaks on a cell phone at the Greyhound bus terminal, Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011, in Atlanta. More than 300 passengers who were stranded nby a winter storm at an Atlanta bus station were given sandwiches, blankets and bottled water from a nearby jail. Several other charities and local restau

Injured bus rider
Injured bus rider

An unidentified woman sits near the scene of a crash where a Greyhound bus that originated in Los Angeles and was carrying 35 people has crashed in the Fresno area, killing at least six people, according to authorities.

California Highway Patrol officers investigate a Greyhound bus crash
California Highway Patrol officers investigate a Greyhound bus crash

California Highway Patrol officers investigate a Greyhound bus crash on Highway 99 in Fresno, Calif., that killed at least six people and injured many others Thursday, July 22, 2010.