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  Voter regret, backlash in wake of GOP war on workers

Wisconsin protests at a tipping-point

  Wisconsin steelworker Denny Lauer and The Nation’s John Nichols talk about the standoff for labor rights and why the Wisconsin 14 and Gov. Scott Walker continue to grow further apart on a compromise.

Ohio GOP yanks politicians, gets the votes

  Senate President Tom Niehaus didn’t have the votes to get a bill that limits workers rights out of committee, so he abruptly removed some Republicans and replaced them with more supportive ones. Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, and Jay McDonald discuss.

Will Wisconsin Democrats return to Madison?

  The budget standoff in Wisconsin is entering dire straits: with time running out to refinance the state’s debt, Governor Walker warns of massive layoffs to balance the state budget. Democrats in the State Senate have vowed to hold up passage of Walker’s controversial budget legislation to protect co

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  Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) on the radio with Ed

Rep. Dennis Kucinich joins Ed on the radio to talk about workers rights in Ohio.

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