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K-State will have food safety research center

Even preschoolers at Plaza Del Niños, a Head Start program at Penn Valley Community College, have learned that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for them. Full story

Convincing kids to eat healthy

   Chef Jamie Oliver talks about his mission to fight childhood obesity by adding sweeping reforms in the school lunch system and changing what kids eat.

USDA announces expanded child supper program

Ever since Kimberly Hill lost her job as a real estate title processor in 2008, she has struggled to feed her three children, she says. Full story

Grower solves America's lack of red celery

Is America ready for red celery? A Florida produce company thinks so and has bet consumers will bite on the colorful crunch of its new product. Full story

School cafeterias try psychology in lunch line

Subtle moves, like hiding chocolate milk behind plain milk and displaying fruit in pretty baskets, can entice kids to make healthier choices in school lunch lines, studies show.  So the USDA is hiring food behavior scientists to help improve kids's use of the federal school lunch program. Full story

Giada’s back-to-school lunches

   TODAY’s Giada De Laurentiis shares tips for packing a nutritious and fun school meal, sure to please even the pickiest eaters.

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  Chefs Move to Schools program launches

Michelle Obama asks chefs to educate students about nutrition. Sam Kass, assistant chef and Food Initiative Coordinator at the White House, and Cat Cora, winner of 2005 "Iron Chef America," join Morning Joe to explain the initiative.

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